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Benefits of PNEUSCAN

Benefits of PNEUSCAN

Proper tire care plays a big part in reducing costs and improving safety – and it all starts with checking tires often for inflation and wear. PNEUSCAN makes the process automatic and easy.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Under-inflated tires directly impact fuel economy. For fleets, the current price of fuel, the number of vehicles and the number of miles traveled each year, add up to staggering costs. Tire checks with PNEUSCAN tell maintenance personnel immediately when service is needed to reduce fuel usage.

Longer Tire Life

A change in pressure, either upward or downward, accelerates tire wear. When properly inflated, tires maintain the right shape for slow, even wear. PNEUSCAN identifies tires with poor inflation or low tread depth – and allows for quick servicing– so they stay in service longer.

Improved Safety

Vehicle traction and handling are at their best when tires are inflated properly and fully treaded. With PNEUSCAN, the process of tire checking is so simple companies can check often and improve safety for everyone on the road.

Fewer Breakdowns

Unexpected breakdowns are dangerous, inconvenient, and costly for customers, drivers and fleet owners. PNEUSCAN keeps a constant record of tire conditions to help fleet maintenance monitor and correct impending problems.

More Retread Opportunities

Most heavy-duty tires are designed to be retread for longer life. PNEUSCAN provides an early indication that a tire is a retread candidate. It helps to reduce costs for new tire replacements and is an environmental–friendly practice.

Higher Productivity of Fleet Maintenance

PNEUSCAN’s automatic delivery of tire conditions allows fleet maintenance to focus on other issues, rather than handling the tedious and manual process of checking tires.

Lower CO2 Emissions

Properly inflated tires reduce rolling resistance to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, two goals of many US green initiatives.