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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is PNEUSCAN?
PNEUSCAN is an innovative system for automatically and quickly measuring tire pressure and tread depth, thereby allowing service of the tire before failure occurs. The system helps to lower fuel and maintenance costs while it improves road safety and fleet management.

2. What type of vehicles can use PNEUSCAN?
PNEUSCAN is designed to work with cars, trucks, buses, heavy-lift vehicles and other specialty vehicles, such as airplanes.

3. Where is PNEUSCAN installed?
PNEUSCAN is installed in truck and bus fleet companies, corporate fleets, car rental companies, municipal bus stations, car washes, gas stations, and other vehicle service companies.

4. Where are the measurements calculated in the system?
Tire pressure and tread depth are calculated in the PNEUSCAN System Unit which houses the computer and viewing Display. The Unit mounts in any location where fleet maintenance can quickly see results.

5. How are tire measurements recorded?
Vehicles drive over sensor plates that read the footprint of each tire. The plates are installed into the ground and fit into any environment where vehicles normally drive through.

6. What is included in the PNEUSCAN systems?
PNEUSCAN ATM, the tire pressure measurement system, includes Sensor Plates designed for each vehicle type, the System Unit with a LCD Display for viewing red/green tire condition lights, and cables for connecting the system. There is an optional receipt printer available. PNEUSCAN PRO offers additional Sensor Plates for measuring tread depth and the functionality to read the results.

7. What is included in PNEUSCAN Vehicle ID?
PNEUSCAN ID captures the license plate or vehicle number of each vehicle. The system includes a scanner and provides the functionality for storing readings in existing fleet management systems.

8. What is required for installing PNEUSCAN systems?
Systems require a flat, normally traveled driveway or cleared area for mounting the sensors and the display, and an electrical connection.

9. What type of training is available for using PNEUSCAN?
After VENTECH has installed your system, our technicians will train personnel on operation and maintenance.