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Innovative technologies provide an easy way to improve tire performance and reduce costs.


Innovative Sensor Technology

PNEUSCAN systems use a unique sensor technology to read the footprint of each tire that contains information about the load, profile and pattern of the tire. As the vehicle drives over the heavy-duty Sensor Plates, tire pressure and tread depth measurements are read and sent to the System Unit for calculation. Plates are installed below ground in an indoor location normally traveled by the vehicle, such as in service areas. Systems have been developed for each vehicle type.

PNEUSCAN reads the tire footprint to determine inflation level and tread depth.

Fast and Accurate Measurement Calculation

The PNEUSCAN System Unit quickly and clearly provides tire pressure and tread depth readings for each tire on the easy-to-read display. If results are within specified tolerances, a green signal will indicate the tire is cleared for driving. A red signal indicates the tire requires service. As an option, a paper receipt of the results can be generated.


Fleet Management Made Easy

PNEUSCAN is the perfect automatic solution for managing tire maintenance. PNEUSCAN ID Vehicle Identification system records the license or vehicle number of each vehicle as the tires are checked. The ID is stored with the measurements to provide an ongoing maintenance log that can integrate into existing fleet management systems for better management. The scanner installs easily on fences, gates, or on the ground.