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Rapid reaction force

15 Mar 2017

Ventech Systems offers a new economic safety tool for bus transportation services. The world novelty is called PNEUSCAN ONGROUND.

Passenger safety, economic efficiency and sustainability are three of the main priorities for any passenger transportation service. Bus companies cruising all through the world with their passengers, but also communal and private providers in communal and overland traffic want to be reliable service providers. Accidents, vehicles broken down on the road and delays in schedule are an annoyance to the passengers and might damage the company image.
Market-oriented support is provided to the branch by Ventech Systems, the world-leading specialist for automatic tire pressure and tire profile inspection. The modular PNEUSCAN system replaces the time-consuming and cost-intensive manual tire inspections. Within a few seconds the equipment informs the bus driver and/or the planner about the exact condition of any tire.

Flexible Use

Not long ago, the German "innovation driver" has extended his offer for bus companies for the on-ground module PNEUSCAN ONGROUND. The advantage of this world novelty is that the 50-mm-high support plate can be mounted within a short time requiring no civil engineering - i.e. without any need for ordering third parties. The on-ground equipment is flexible with respect to the location and there is no need for a building and or real estate. The latter is especially of interest for any bus service, using rental surfaces. Furthermore, the system is available for leasing. The company only needs a network and power connection. Immediately after positioning the equipment is connected and ready to run. By means of the ONGROUND version data of tire pressure and tire profile are measured during the passage at slow speed, are displayed on a monitor arranged at the drivers' eyes level and are sent to the terminal. The measuring data detected by means of laser technology signalize any possible deviations of the air pressure and profile depth values in real time. A means to ensure that only safe buses are on the road. By means of the system compatibility with the PNEUSCAN DAT and PNEUSCAN ID modules, the measuring results of the tires and the identity detected by means of camera of the corresponding buses can be integrated into the fleet and tire management.The support plate itself can even be crossed by buses with a lower chassis. The system reaches the same measuring accuracy as the already well-proven in-floor Pneuscan variant. Another benefit of the ONGORUND equipment is besides the flexibility of location also the possibility of problem-free re-location and re-use. In the end this leads to sustainable handling of the available resources.

Conclusion: As per the experience reports of the bus transportation services we can see that the use of the PNEUSCAN equipment significantly helps to increase economic efficiency. One thing is quite clear: Only properly inflated tires achieve a higher mileage, save energy and provide optimum damage protection.

Save the date: A fine opportunity for bus service agents, truck drivers, fleet managers and fleet planners is the "Test the best" event on March 29. The Ventech Systems headquarter in Dorsten will present a program from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with live shows, praxis-related presentations and individual advising. In order to achieve high counseling results, persons interested in this event should advise their participation and agree upon a visit date (email: