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Freight forwarder Bode: Automatic tire checks in Reinfeld, Germany

20 Dec 2016

The fowarding agent Bode in Reinfeld has opened a multi-function service center. This also includes an automatic tire inspection system PNEUSCAN from Ventech Systems.

Those who want to enter the car wash of the modern Reinfelder Service Center, Barnitzer Straße, in order to let their utility vehicle profit from a "beauty treatment", roll straight over a lane, which starts with the information sign "please drive 10 - 15 km/h" and - in the case of correct tire condition - ends with a green smiley. As "bonus" the drivers get the information, if their truck is on its way with a "secure grip". By means of this Service Tool the Bode transport agency offers an active Plus in terms of Service and adds an extra contribution to the traffic safety on German roads. The CEO, Kai-Jörg Bode, the third generation CEO to lead this transport firm, explains the company philosophy: "As a responsible logistics service provider, our mission is objectives such as Quality and Reliability, but also Safety and Sustainability. We only want to have technically impeccable and sparkling clean vehicles with completely relaxed drivers on the roads. This strategy requires innovative thinking and economic action. The most recent evidence is our new truck service center in Reinfeld."

In-house drivers - but also more and more customers from other car pools - experience in the 1800 m2 huge service environment spacious, light-filled, functionally equipped workshop areas with four lanes, a long pit, a brake test stand and tire service as well as car wash with three Steinbrückner gantries and a separate lane for interior and special cleaning. The outdoor area provides industrial vacuum cleaners from Kärcher, a 24-h filling station for diesel and AdBlue as well as ten connections for cooling trailers. The planning also foresees a filling station for electric power. Besides the service workshop, there is a special-purpose platform used to keep the vehicle or trailer’s roof tops free of ice and snow during winter time. The complete inner space is equipped with floor heating. As the company electrician Thomas Bröckner tells us, a cogeneration unit and a high-performance recycling equipment allow economic operation: "The industrial water of three car wash lanes is gathered, cleaned and re-introduced into the circuit with up to 90 percent."

PNEUSCAN Service Tool

A particularity - and thus a unique feature of the transport agency Bode in the industrial area around Lübeck in the North of Germany - is the investment in the PNEUSCAN equipment from Ventech Systems. This system measures air pressure and tread depth in full automatic mode, confirms the condition by means of a green or red smiley and forwards the measuring data in real time to the customer service. Here, the digital display of all tire data, including diagonal wear, tire pressure and tread depth as basis for an analyzing discussion with the drivers which may be forwarded to the tire service if necessary. As the car wash is conceived for up to 600 car washes per week, the same amount of passages is counted in the tire inspection system. An optimum service tool, which replaces time-consuming manual inspection and indicates gradual pressure loss in time - above all on the inner sides of the drive axes. Since commissioning of the PNEUSCAN equipment, several tire problems were identified, which would have traveled on the road without PNEUSCAN.

CEO Bode explains why this surplus value in service is free of charge for all users: "We want to sensitize the drivers, dispatchers and transport firms to the security concept. This shall not only be an economic factor for ourselves, but also a benefit for all those participating in transportation in the company."
Further more Bode also keeps the "Kings of the Road" in mind. At the check-in area, there is a lounge area with bistro, lavatory and showers. In the staff area you will find changing rooms, lavatory, canteen and office rooms.

Certified commitment

With round about 90 tractor trucks and at present more than 500 trailers the transport firm "Spedition Bode GmbH & Co.KG" with its headquarter in Reinfeld mainly handles goods transportation in inter-modal traffic.
Since its foundation in 1949, the company has evolved to a complex logistics service provider. The portfolio includes temperature-guided transport and warehousing, paper transport, loading and unloading of containers and combined traffic.

The vehicle fleet above all includes Euro-6 vehicles, make MAN, Volvo, DAF and Mercedes-Benz, which - same as the cooling trailers - are monitored by GPS. With respect to cargo safety, the company has excelled by means of consequent and innovative solutions. With specialized staff about 3000 pallets are handled every day in the warehouses, including those with goods for Sweden and Finland. In cooperation with the Kombiverkehr KG the transport firm Bode operates the inter-modal transportation "Alter Schwede". The exclusive company train ensures three times per week the transportation of goods between Lübeck and Stockholm and can transport up to 36 trailers and containers or a useful load of up to 1000 tons.

Already back in 1994 the Reinfelder company belonged to the first German transport firms, which were certified according to DIN EN ISO 9002. And in 2007, the transport agency of Northern Germany was once more one of the first to receive the ISO 22000:2005 certificate. In 2014, the company received the AEO-F certificate (Authorized Economic Operator). Since 2015, the transport firm is certified according to IFS Logistics - 2016 audit passed with 98.67%.

By the way: The certificate "European transport prize for sustainability 2014" in the category "transport and logistics company" was an additional incentive for Bode in order to intensify their commitment concerning "Green Logistics".