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PNEUSCAN for Buses

PNEUSCAN for Buses

  • Improve road safety
  • Prevent breakdowns
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Lower CO2 emissions

There’s simply no better way to keep buses operating safely and cost-efficiently than with PNEUSCAN. The automatic systems are engineered to replace the time-consuming and expensive processes of checking tire pressure and tread depth manually. In just seconds, PNEUSCAN gives fleet maintenance a view of the precise condition for each tire. Inflation adjustments and other repairs can be made quickly, to save expenses for fuel and unnecessary and unsafe breakdowns.

PNEUSCAN Automatic Technologies offer:

- Single drive-thru operation for measuring pressure and tread depth
- Innovative sensor technology for the highest measurement accuracy
- Automatic and easy hands-free tire checking
- Integration of results into existing fleet management system
PNEUSCAN Sensor Plates
  Easy-to-View PNEUSCAN
Pressure & Tread Depth Results
Two heavy-duty sensor plates
easily mount in the ground to
withstand the rigor of daily traffic.
  System Unit provides an immediate reading of
tire conditions. An optional receipt printout is
PNEUSCAN Data Report
  Advanced PNEUSCAN ID
for Vehicle Identification
Data can integrate with existing fleet
management systems to provide an
ongoing record of tire conditions.
  Scanner automatically captures the license
plate or vehicle number of every vehicle to help
with identification and record keeping.